Privacy Notice

This is the personal website of Gilbert Healton who values his network privacy and does not want to invade yours. The only intentional tracking is through normal server logs which all web sites keep. logs are only kept for a period of time to track usage in standard ways and help monitor for abuse. logs are short lived and rotate out of existence in time and none of the information is retained.

Cookie Policy

At this time only short lived "session cookies" should be used to help you navigate the site. Session cookies go away when you close your browser as that is where they are kept.


Nothing collected by this site is shared with others.

There may be references in this site to other external sites to which the privacy policies of those sites become effective. These fall into the following types:

  1. You must click on hyperlinkes to these sites to be used.
  2. There can be a few widly used web libraries that just opening pages on various domains reference.
  3. Hidden internal defunct websites kept for historic or research. Such predate the GDPR, sould not be public, whose compliance with newer rules have not been unresearched.